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How Genityte Works


Genityte is a patented treatment for three common medical problems that result from pelvic floor relaxation: Urinary Leaking, Vaginal Wall Prolapse, and Rectal Leaking. The procedure tones the entire pelvic floor from pubic bone to tailbone.

The Genityte procedure is 100% non-invasive. No surgery, no injections, no recovery time. Genityte uses infrared light to gently heat skin, tissue and muscle, reaching up to 2 inches in depth, to treat laxity in the external genital region.

Biostimulation from infrared light initiates the natural processes of ‘neocollagenesis’ and ‘neoelastigenesis’ (new collagen and new elastin formation) giving improved tone that is lasting.

How Genityte Treats Urinary Incontinence

Normally the urethra maintains a tight seal to prevent accidental loss of urine when properly supported by strong pelvic floor muscles and healthy connective tissue. Aging, pregnancy, childbirth, and loss of estrogen from menopause all lead to laxity and loss of tone making it harder for the urethra to tightly seal. Without strong urethral tone and support, ‘stress’ such as walking, lifting, coughing, sneezing, laughing, exercising as well as strong urinary urges can cause the involuntary leaking of urine, or incontinence.

Genityte strengthens the tone of the urethra and supporting tissues giving back a tight seal to better control accidental loss of urine.

Genityte returns the urethra to a normal position, treats urethral hypermobility, and significantly improves both extrinsic (outer) and intrinsic (inner) urethral support.

How Genityte Treats Rectal Incontinence and Hemorrhoids

Genityte also treats vaginal wall prolapse (cystocele)(rectocele) as well as rectal incontinence and improves hemorrhoid tags, hemorrhoids and perineal scars.

Genityte is a patented medical procedure in the U.S., Canada & Europe, performed strictly by physicians who practice Gynecology and/or Urology. Patent No. 12/754,466.

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Areas Genityte Improves

Genityte improves medical problems that relate to key functions of the pelvic floor:

Bladder Function – improves urinary holding and urges

Bowel Function – improves rectal holding and muscle coordination of BM

Sexual Function – improves vaginal wall support and tone around clitoris

Postural Function – improves position of the sacrum helping low back pain

Facts About Genityte

  • It is the only medical treatment for female urinary incontinence that treats both stress and urge incontinence.
  • This procedure treats all stages of urinary leaking and vaginal prolapse from mild to severe.
  • It is a non-surgical treatment option for vaginal vault prolapse.
  • Genityte is the first non-surgical treatment for rectal incontinence.
  • It is ideal for patients who cannot have surgery, or have a sling in place.
  • Excellent results with no surgery, no recovery time, no activity restrictions and no time off work.
  • Unlike surgical treatment, if leaking gradually returns and pelvic floor tone lessens in the years to follow, “re-toning” with Genityte is safe.
  • Tone the pelvic floor soon after pregnancy; treatment can be started four months after a natural or surgical delivery.

Dr. Julie Reil and other lead physicians have worked diligently since 2008 to help end the silent suffering of women.

Benefits of Genityte

  • Improved urinary control when lifting, coughing, sneezing, running, rebounding, jumping and exercising
  • Improved holding when bladder is full
  • Decreased frequency and intensity of urinary urges
  • Decreased nighttime urination
  • Improved tone and support of tissues – Kegel exercises more effective
  • Improved starting and stopping of urination
  • Improved confidence
  • Improved vaginal wall tone; treating prolapse, cystocele and rectocele
  • Improved perineal and rectal tone; treating rectal incontinence
  • Improved hemorrhoids and hemorrhoid tags
  • Extremely safe with remarkably consistent results
  • No limitations of age or skin color
  • No limitations with severity of leaking; can treat very mild as well as very severe leaking
  • No limitation for use in patients with a sling or previous incontinence surgery

A Message from Dr. Julie Reil


“It’s easy as a physician to speak scientifically and technically about urinary incontinence but this treatment goes deeper than that. Genityte is a restoration of the whole woman, her dignity, her active lifestyle and her confidence.

Many women have tried and failed one or even two surgical interventions, leaving them in a place of no hope. These same patients, when they reach the end of their Genityte treatment series, are very pleased and even amazed with their results.

The Genityte story is a story of women caring for women. Women have come from all over the United States for help, trusting us with their most embarrassing medical problems.”

Advanced technology has given women a safe, new, versatile and effective treatment for urinary leaking. For the first time, women have an option for early intervention and treatment.

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Genityte Testimonials

Women in their 30s

If you had asked me this question pre-childbirth I would have never guessed that it could happen. This is a problem for geriatric women right? Not young healthy active women. WRONG! I think the magnitude of this problem is far greater than anyone can imagine because very few people are talking about it. Moreover, I think the only reason women of my age might be openly talking about it is because we’ve had the chance to have the Genityte procedure.
Patient age 32

More testimonials from women in their 30s

I feel as though I’m able to do the things I love with greater confidence and enjoy peace of mind that I won’t suffer an embarrassing ‘accident’. I can enjoy riding my horse, playing basketball, wakeboarding, snowboarding all without worrying about leaking or wearing enormous pads for protection. My husband and I also enjoy a more ‘pleasurable’ sex life, too. I’m not worried about any accidental leaking which helps but the sensation in general is better, too! I would recommend to my family and friends without hesitation!
Patient age 38

I am a mother of two boys and before Genityte I couldn’t play tag without leaking. Since I have had this procedure I can run and chase them without worrying about peeing my pants. I am also in the medical profession and have done many procedures on women who have had horrible side effects from surgical bladder lifts. Genityte has no restrictions and is such an easy procedure. I recommend to all my Mom friends. Thank you so much!
Patient Age 33

Women in their 40s

I am a young, active mother who has had to give up running, softball, and golfing with my family because of severe leaking. After three Genityte procedures I got back 100% of my urinary control and the freedom to run, golf and play softball with my children. I am so happy and grateful to be back to me.
Patient Age 45, mother of three

More testimonials from women in their 40s

Being in a fast-paced, busy work environment I became accustomed to putting off using the restroom until it was absolutely necessary. I began to notice urgency and sometimes was not able to make it to the restroom. Having watched my mother go through four unsuccessful operations for urinary incontinence, I was determined to find something better than surgery. By chance I saw Dr. Reil on ‘The Doctors’ introducing Genityte and felt my search was over. Since having Genityte treatments from Dr. Reil, I no longer suffer from stress or urgency and I am able to jog, exercise strenuously, actually do anything without thought of leaking. Genityte is, in my opinion, the wisest decision a woman of any age can make. The procedure is absolutely painless. There is no downtime and no lost work days with this procedure. Most importantly, Genityte is safe and totally arrests the stress, urgency and incontinence. I cannot imagine why anyone would choose any other way to heal their body. It’s amazing! Simply stated, Genityte works!!
Patient age 45

After 3 children and a complete hysterectomy at 35 I have gradually been facing a leaking bladder when I exercise, laugh or sneeze. Wanting to find an option to get me by for a few more years (before I have my prolapsed bladder lifted) I decided to give Genityte a try. I have been extremely pleased with the results and would highly recommend.
Patient Age 49

This procedure is miraculous! Without surgery pain and downtown the cystocele and urge and leakage was totally reversed. To address these issues with surgery is unthinkable, ineffective and in my opinion, insane. My mother has had 4 vaginal TVT slings and she still has the problems. Thank you Dr. Reil!!! U R awesome!! P.S. I would highly recommend Genityte to treat prolapse and/or urinary and rectal incontinence, to any woman who suffers from these annoying and embarrassing conditions.
Patient Age 43

It has been an exciting pleasure for me to share with my inner circle of friends just how much the Genityte treatments have improved my quality of life. The improved overall sensation and feeling of increased tightness has enhanced my ability for Kegel exercises. I no longer have a feeling of “things” falling out of my vagina. Overall bladder control has improved, even with exercise. My husband has even appreciated this new vaginal tightness. The biggest surprise for me has been the rectal/anal/hemorrhoid tissue improvements and tone. Bowel movements are more comfortable now with no anal prolapse, no bleeding and practically no hemorrhoid. I am pleased and so grateful!
Patient Age 42

Before having my Genityte I spent a great amount of my day going back and forth to the bathroom for needing to go and fear that I may have to cough or that I may laugh and I would leak. Since having Genityte I go to the bathroom less and the leakage has all but disappeared. I am so happy with my results after just 1 treatment.
Patient Age 49

Since Genityte I am able to exercise and play games with my grandchildren. By games I mean I can run after them, dance with the Wii and jump on the trampoline without worry of leaking. It’s been wonderful for them and for me. I am also less self-conscious when I have to sneeze or cough when I am in yoga class or around others. I would and do highly recommend this to anyone who is experiencing incontinence. It will change your life.
Patient Age 49

Women in their 50s

Genityte has indeed improved my quality of life. I no longer worry about finding a bathroom when out and about. I can be more active. Intercourse was painful before Genityte. Now there is no rubbing and I can again enjoy sex. Seems like my supporting muscles are improving instead of getting worse, as before Genityte.
Patient Age 56

More testimonials from women in their 50s

Increased intimacy – it is difficult to be intimate when you’re peeing yourself. Also, urinary incontinence – the advent of menopause – made me feel like an “old woman”. My husband and I are now intimate 2-3 times/week – a far cry from 2 times a year. In general, it gave me increased self-confidence and helped with connection in my relationship.
Patient Age 52

Since having the procedure my ability to exercise has been greatly improved. I no longer feel as if my bladder is falling out! The feeling of pressure from the prolapse has been greatly decreased. I no longer experience any pain with intercourse. This was causing major problems in my life and now the pain is gone!
Patient Age 55

After my second treatment I didn’t have to get up in the night to go to the bathroom. I went from wearing a Depends when I would be gone all day to wearing a slender pad. This procedure improved my quality of life 100%. Everyone was so professional and friendly. Thank you.
Patient Age 59

As a 55 year old who has had 4 children, I developed a rectocele. As a result of that I had to push bowel movements out, using 2 fingers and a flushable wipe, by applying pressure through the vagina. Now, I am using my muscles again to make that bowel movement and the rectocele has decreased in size.
Patient Age 55

I used to have to stop at every rest stop we would come up to on our trips. Now it’s nothing for me to go 4-6 hours before we have to stop. I love it!! I also always had an odor from leakage. I would have to pack a set of p.j.’s for each night. Now one set for a week! It’s wonderful not having leakage!
Patient Age 56

Women in their 60s

I feel like a new woman! There is no adjective adequate to describe the depth of gratitude I feel to have “normal” bladder function and a noticeable hemorrhoid reduction. I now go about life free from worry of embarrassing leakage or rectal bleeding. When I remember the before (how quickly we forget), a renewed rush of gratitude fills me! The procedure Dr. Reil has perfected is a huge gift to women. The atmosphere in the clinic is one of compassion and dignity, a reflection of Dr. Reil. Thank you!
Patient Age 61

More testimonials from women in their 60s

Surgery was definitely not on my list of cures for my incontinence dilemma. Fortunately, I had heard about Genityte, a new nonsurgical procedure, developed and presented by Dr. Reil on the DOCTORS TV program. I felt strongly that this was the answer to my problem. Within a very short time, I made the necessary arrangements and three weeks later traveled to Billings, MT. When I arrived at the clinic, immediately, I was made to feel like “part of the team effort” not only to resolve my issues, but to collect data for the betterment of women globally. I truly appreciated the time spent to explain the results (including pre/post pictures) of every treatment in great detail. After three treatments, both functional and cosmetic benefits were evident. However, in my case, I fell short of attaining my treatment goal and will return for additional treatments. Genityte is an important medical achievement that will give millions of female patients a second chance to live a normal life, free of an incontinence handicap.
Patient Age 62

Genityte procedure requires no downtime and freedom to exercise without use of bulky pads. Don’t have to carry pads in purse and have airport security touch and see! Sneeze and cough without leaking. No surgical procedure to prepare and recover from. No worrying about odors, no longer looking for bathroom locations, no longer limiting fluid intake. Freedom to Live! You give up slowly and soon you don’t realize how much you’ve given up and changed your life to hide the embarrassment of involuntary leaking. It steals your life and freedom.
Patient Age 60

The Genityte treatment is amazing. I cannot believe that such an easy, short, painless treatment can achieve so much. I don’t have to use the bathroom all day anymore. I’m going to outdoor events. I had problems giving urine samples, because I went to the bathroom so much before going to the doctor that there was nothing left. I don’t get up 4-5 times at night to use the bathroom. The Beyond Kegel exercises are great also.
Patient Age 61

The freedom to go shopping or out for the evening without having to locate bathrooms. Knowing when I feel an urge to go I can control it until I find a bathroom. Also, not having to “go” so many times during the day. I am sleeping through the night and don’t feel rushed to go in the morning. I spent all day on a river float trip and was never bothered with having to go.
Patient Age 67

Women 70 Plus

I feel the procedure is a miracle. I was wearing a pad 24/7. I now wear one when I am going to be out for the afternoon or evening. Dr. Reil and her staff are so thorough in explaining the procedure. I was never “rushed”. The experience was more than worth it.
Patient Age 81

More testimonials from women 70 plus

I had frequent loss of control of stool and urine before my Genityte treatments. It was a constant worry because I never knew when it would happen. My doctor did not understand how great the problem was for me. The compassion and understanding I found at Genityte treatments and education was very comforting and helpful. I have never before experienced such loving and supportive care for me as a woman. I will never be able to thank you enough.
Patient Age 72

The Genityte procedure has improved my life as I can go much longer without having to urinate. Before I was always looking for a bathroom. Sometimes I did not go places because I was afraid I would have an accident. I was in such a habit of using the bathroom just before leaving the house I had to break the habit. I am still working on changing my bad habits. This is wonderful for women.
Patient Age 74

Far less need to rush to the bathroom when the urge to urinate happens. Also, do not get up in the middle of the night to urinate. Much improved.
Patient Age 77

I feel better because I get more sleep at night.
Patient Age 80

Frequently Asked Questions

Who performs the Genityte procedure?

Genityte is a specialized procedure performed exclusively by Gynecology physicians who complete training to become a Certified Genityte Provider.

What can I expect during a Genityte procedure?

The treatment is done in a physician’s office. A standard Genityte treatment takes 1.5 hours to treat the pelvic floor and an expanded Genityte procedure takes 2.0 hours to treat the pelvic floor plus the vaginal vault. An infrared light device is used to gently heat the treatment area without pain or burning. There is no recovery time, no redness, no pain and no negative effects during or after the procedure.

What are the risks of the Genityte procedure?

There are virtually no risks. Infrared light stimulates a natural process of fibroblasts re-toning skin, muscle and connective tissue. The urethra, skin, urinary system or external genitals are not harmed during the standardized Genityte procedure.

NOTE: If you have a history of genital herpes, the gentle heat used in the Genityte treatment could stimulate a recurrent herpes breakout; therefore prescription medication for herpes prophylaxis is recommended before Genityte treatment as a preventative measure for all patients with genital herpes history.

What if I had previous surgery for Urinary Incontinence or Vaginal Prolapse?

Genityte is a very effective treatment for patients with prior surgery (or surgeries) that have failed or stopped working. A prior history of the surgical ‘sling’ procedure is not a contraindication for the Genityte procedure, as long as foreign material from the sling is not eroding through the skin. If suture or mesh material are eroding through the urethral or vaginal skin, the material may need to be surgically removed prior to Genityte treatment.

How many Genityte procedures are needed to reach treatment goal for Urinary Incontinence?

The severity of urinary leaking, examination of the urethra and age help your Genityte physician determine how many treatments you will need.

Younger women • Pre-menopause average 2-3 treatments

Middle-Age Women • Peri-menopause average 2-4 treatments

Older women • Post-menopause average 3-5 treatments

When will I have results from Genityte treatments?

With each treatment urinary urges and urinary leaking continue to improve. Most women initially notice less nighttime urges and less volume of leak. With subsequent treatments, daytime urgency and frequency improve as does urinary holding and ability to be stay dry while being more active.

How far apart are treatments spaced?

For patients who need two to five treatments, the protocol is one treatment followed by four weeks of rest while the body goes to work re-toning the pelvic floor. Before each subsequent treatment, an examination and functional evaluation is done to see if the treatment goal of 90 – 100% resolution of symptoms has been reached. If symptoms have not yet optimally improved, additional treatment is given followed by four weeks of rest. The above protocol is repeated until treatment goal is reached.

How effective is Genityte in treating Urinary Incontinence?

Genityte consistently gives improvement of stress and urge urinary incontinence symptoms in women of all ages. Nine out of ten women with Stress Urinary Incontinence achieve complete resolution of symptoms and nearly six out of ten women with Mixed Urinary Incontinence achieve complete resolution of symptoms.

How effective is Genityte in treating Vaginal Wall Prolapse?

Genityte consistently gives improvement of Cystocele, Rectocele and Vaginal Vault Prolapse (both Cystocele and Rectocele).

Cystocele: The majority of women with symptomatic cystocele report resolution of pressure and discomfort from prolapsing tissue and most are able to return to a more active lifestyle.

Rectocele: The majority of women with symptomatic rectocele report improvement in feeling the urge that signals a bowel movement, improvement in muscle function eliminating the need for splinting during bowel movements, and overall improvement in coordination of bowel movements.

Vaginal Vault Prolapse: Women with vault prolapse report all of the benefits of cystocele and rectocele improvement plus many women report that sexual intercourse is much more comfortable when tone has been returned to prolapsing vaginal walls. Extensive vault prolapse may not qualify for Genityte treatment.

How effective is Genityte in treating Rectal Incontinence?

Genityte consistently gives improvement of rectal tone for gas and stool control. All women with rectal incontinence have reported improvement in rectal tone for holding. Most women achieve greatly reduced rectal incontinence after Genityte treatments. Some women have achieved complete resolution of rectal incontinence after Genityte treatments.

What factors determine how long Genityte will last?

Factors affecting how long your Genityte toning will last after completing Genityte treatment series: 1) age of initial treatment 2) estrogen status 3) consistency doing after-toning exercises for the pelvic floor.

Should I expect when pelvic tone to decrease over time?

Clinical data suggests that the majority of women retain full Genityte toning for five years and beyond. After-toning exercises for the pelvic floor are key to retaining and maintaining tone. Genityte treatment can be repeated over time as needed. Re-treatment builds upon the initial foundational tone making repeat Genityte treatment series very effective with less number of overall treatments needed.

Do women ever experience abrupt loss of Genityte toning?

Rarely, post-menopausal women have reported a relatively quick loss in Genityte tone but only under traumatic conditions. Trauma to the urethra (from medical catheterization) and accidental trauma to the pelvic floor (from impact injury) has resulted in sudden worsening of urinary control. Rapid loss of Genityte tone has also been reported following prolonged, deep coughing that continued for weeks (severe bronchitis or pneumonia). In these cases, Genityte tone decreased over a time span of 1–3 months.

Is it safe to repeat a series of Genityte treatments when tone decreases?

Having additional Genityte treatments when toning diminishes is both safe and effective. The number of treatments needed for re-toning is less than the number needed in the original treatment series. Comparing menopausal women using estrogen vaginal cream vs no estrogen cream, use of a small amount of estrogen vaginal cream topically over the urethra and external area just a few nights a week appears to improve the duration of Genityte toning over time.

Are Kegel exercises recommended after completing Genityte treatments?

Pelvic floor exercises called “Beyond Kegels” are taught starting four weeks after final treatment. Beyond Kegels is ideal for patients with Vaginal Wall Prolapse and Rectal Incontinence, and Stress Incontinence.

Kegel exercises are NEVER recommended during the series of Genityte treatments because contracting pelvic floor muscles while the urethra is re-toning and re-positioning has made urinary urges worsen in some patients and in a few patients new urge symptoms emerged (de novo urge) temporarily.

Kegel exercises and Beyond Kegel exercises are NOT recommended for patients with predominant urinary urgency.

Is Genityte covered by medical insurance?

Not yet. Medical doctors are working diligently to complete the AMA requirements for Genityte to have its own unique procedure code which then qualifies the procedure to be covered by medical insurance. The average cost for a series of Genityte treatments is $3000. Patients can request that their Genityte out of pocket costs be applied to their insurance annual deductible.