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"I am thrilled with the results from the IPL/BBL (intense pulsed light/broad band light) laser treatment to remove brown spots from my face, hands and arms.  It was completely painless. The spots got darker for about a week, then slowly disappeared.  Fade creams never worked, but this treatment did!”
- Mary, Age 62

Laser Genesis Facial

Performed by an MD or RN. This comfortable and effective laser facial is safe for all skin types. YAG Laser uses a gentle pulsing of light to treat the upper layer skin for common skin conditions and aging related concerns. It is scientifically proven to produce new collagen and tighten skin.

Acne, acne scars, rosacea, redness

Age spots, sun damage, hyperpigmentation

Enlarged pores, rough texture, uneven complexion

You can expect to see subtle yet consistent results after each treatment, without side effects, pain, discomfort or downtime. Patients often describe the treatment as relaxing and therapeutic. Up to six treatments are recommended depending on the desired results and unique anatomy of the individual.

YAG laser is ideal for treating acne as it directly targets acne lesions killing bacteria, yeast, fungus and skin mites. It’s healing wavelength also benefits skin by removing redness and hyperpigmentation caused by acne and by healing enlarged pores and acne scars. Visible improvement can be seen in active acne lesions within 1-2 days and the improvements go on for 2-4 weeks.

IPL / BBL Treatment

Performed by an MD or RN. Broad Band Light (BBL) also known as Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treats many common skin concerns effectively.  We use advanced treatment protocols which are customized for each individual. Treatment options for face, neck and chest. 

Hyperpigmentation, brown spots, freckles

Sun damage, dark patches, age spots

Redness, discoloration, tiny veins, rosacea

Immediately following treatment, brown spots will start to darken and your skin may appear slightly red. The treated area may be slightly swollen. This typically lasts for a few hours and possibly a day or longer. Make-up can be applied to cover the redness. Within one to three weeks, the darkened spots will flake off and fade. Diffuse redness or telangectasias will decrease and your complexion will improve.

Remember to always apply broad-spectrum sunscreen when outdoors to minimize sun damage and prevent the appearance of new spots and diffuse redness. The latest clinical evidence shows a sunscreen combining both titanium dioxide and zinc oxide gives the best protection for your skin against sun damage. Shiloh Medical Clinic sells Colorscience ™, an exceptional mineral sunscreen containing both titanium dioxide and zinc oxide.

Laser Vein Treatment

Performed by an MD. Dr. Julie Reil has been treating face and leg veins for over 13 years and we can help you determine if your leg veins are appropriate for cosmetic YAG laser treatment versus medical varicose vein treatment. Unsightly face and leg veins can be treated safely and effectively with YAG laser without painful injections. 

Sclerotherapy Vein Treatment Also Available >>

Face veins, leg veins, spider veins

Rosacea, cherry spots, red birthmarks

YAG laser is the gold standard in laser treatment for spider veins having been used in medicine for more than 40 years. Patients generally experience outstanding results with minimal bruising or blistering. Depending on the depth of the vein treated, the vein will be reabsorbed by the body and disappear within 8 to 16 weeks. The majority of the treated spider veins will disappear 8-12 weeks after one treatment but deeper vessels may require two or three treatments spaced 16 weeks apart. Several treatments are usually needed for optimal results when treating deeper vessels all the way up to superficial spider vessels. During your consultation with the physician, you will find out approximately how many treatments will be required to fully treat your vessels.

Nail Fungus Treatment

Performed by an MD or RN. The YAG laser safely, discreetly, and effectively treats nail fungus, otherwise known as Onychomycosis, for fingernails or toenails. The laser is fungicidal (kills active fungus) for all varieties of nail fungus. Typically 4-6 treatments spaced six weeks apart for the best results. 

Our patients are educated about how to properly groom nails to avoid reinfection and educated about fungus spores and how to prevent and treat these spores. This helps achieve above 95% clearance of active fungal infections – the highest success rate for fungus clearance – well above all other forms of medical treatment.

Risk factors for nail fungus include increased age, male gender, diabetes, nail trauma, hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating), peripheral vascular disease, athlete’s foot, immunodeficiency, poor hygiene, and chronic exposure of the nails to water. Most commonly we see fingernail and toenail fungus that was contracted at the nail salon where fungus spores are found.

There are many species of fungus that can infect the nail. Often in nail infections, several types of fungus will be present at the same time. All nail fungus infections result in thickened, discolored, and distorted nails.

There is no downtime associated with this treatment. Some individuals show a dramatic improvement, while others show steady improvement. It is our experience that, in order to obtain good results, multiple treatments are required as well as daily home care for spore treatment. Maintenance treatments may be necessary. Smoking may decrease the effectiveness of this laser treatment. Flexible Spending Accounts and Health Savings Account funds may be used for this medical treatment.

Scar Removal & Birthmarks

Performed by an MD or RN. YAG laser is adept at healing scars from the ground up, releasing thickened scar tissue and eliminating trapped red and brown pigment within the scar tissue. This non-invasive treatment can be done on scars in a series spaced 4 weeks apart until the scar fully resolves. 

Acne scars, keloid scars, darkened scars

Surgery scars, hypertrophic scars

"After 20 rounds of chemo, my skin was so sensitive that when I washed my face with exfoliating wash, it broke tiny blood vessels on my cheeks and chin.  I was devastated.  Dr. Julie Reil treated the red lines with a YAG laser. I could feel it but it didn’t hurt. The results are amazing. No red lines at all. I am forever grateful. I am going to have her treat the spider veins on my legs next."
- Elizabeth, Age 57

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