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Medical Infrared

Treatment For Pain

Medical Infrared treatments for pain have also been growing in popularity. Advanced mid and far infrared technology is able to reduce inflammation and pain in joints and muscles as well as give relief for nerve pain. These treatments are painless and can further orthopedic healing after surgery and in some cases have helped patients avoid surgical intervention.

Get immediate relief from pain with this non-invasive treatment!

Advanced technology delivers light that readily penetrates into muscle and joints, immediately reducing inflammation of soft tissue, muscles, and nerves. In a single treatment, the average patient achieves approximately 80% reduction in pain, and some report 100% pain relief.

Treatments take approximately 30 minutes and can be repeated in 1-2 weeks if needed.

Patient success stories include relief from acute pain from new injury and relief from chronic pain from injury or surgery years ago.

No. Medical grade infrared light is not a laser. It feels warm, but
not hot. It has no known side effects.

Treatments take approximately 15-30 minutes depending on
the surface area. Treatments can be repeated in 2-4 weeks if

In a single treatment, the average patient achieves
approximately 50 to 80% reduction in pain. Some patients
acheive 100% relief from pain.

  • Back Pain
  • Hip Pain
  • Neck Pain
  • Hand Pain
  • Knee Pain
  • Foot Pain
  • Wrist Pain
  • Ankle Pain
  • Shoulder Pain
  • Carpel Tunnel
  • Bells Palsey Pain
  • Trigeminal Neuralgia

Power. Medical Infrared Light is significantly more powerful.
30 minutes of medical infrared light treatment = 40 hours of
home infrared light treatment.


Patient, Age 50

Knee Pain

"Four years after knee replacement I have pain that keeps me from sleeping more than 4 hours a night. The medical infrared treatment was very helpful."

Patient, Age 75

Trigeminal Neuralgia

“The flares of nerve pain in my face are less frequent and minor compared to before having medical infrared treatment. What a simple yet effective treatment. I highly recommend this for anyone with trigeminal neuralgia. Treatment is painless, the light feels warm but not hot.”

Patient, Age 22

Ankle Sports Injury

“My sports injury could have been career ending for playing college basketball. MRI showed an avulsion fracture and ligament injury in my ankle. Four months later it had not healed and I couldn’t get the vertical height shooting 3-point shots. Dr. Reil did medical infrared treatments once a week for 5 weeks. My ankle healed fully in 5 weeks and I was able to use my scholarship playing Division One basketball.”

Patient, Age 56

SI Joint Pain

“My SI Joint pain flares up with activities like cross country skiing and doing home projects. The pain could be severe (8/10) making it hard to walk and flares could last for months. After years of suffering with SI joint pain, I tried medical infrared light treatment which has healed my joint.
It has been 3 years since my last flare.”

Patient, Age 73

Frozen Shoulder

“I was diagnosed with frozen shoulder after an injury. It was really painful and Physical Therapy did not help. I was unable lift my arm above my head. After the first medical infrared treatment I was at least 50% improved with range of motion and pain. I did two more treatments four weeks apart and was finally able to do the home exercise program that the Physical Therapist gave me. My shoulder is no longer frozen and I did not have to do surgery.”

Patient, Age 63

Back Pain

"My low back has bothered me for years, especially at night when I try to get comfortable and sleep. Dr Reil did one treatment six months ago and I have been pain free since about a week after that first treatment. She helped me to modify my habits to protect my low back too."

Patient, Age 49

Tailbone Pain

“My tailbone was injured many years ago and it just would not heal. I could not sit on a hard surface and it was so difficult to get comfortable sitting for long periods of time, for instance traveling in the car. After having one medical infrared treatment I was able to sit for long periods. The
only discomfort left was pain when pushing directly on the tailbone. After the second treatment, the pain has not returned. Wow.”

Patient, Age 65

Breast Nerve Pain After Mastectomy

“Nobody told me that after bilateral mastectomy the tiny nerve endings would come back to life – making it hard to get comfortable and interfering with my sleep. Just one Medical Infrared Light treatment significantly reduced the annoying, almost constant pain.”

Patient, Age 71

Trigeminial Neuralgia

“I had 3 failed surgeries including the cyber knife for the nerve pain on one side of my face. My daughter read a study that used medical infrared light to successfully treat trigeminal neuralgia pain. Dr Reil did 8 treatments on my face spaced 4 weeks apart. My pain went from 10/10 to less than 1/10 over a 3-month timeframe and I was able to wean. completely off of the 2700mg of Neurontin I was using daily. I am still pain free 10 years later. Forever grateful!”

Dr. Reil, photo in library

Dr. Julie Reil

A Montana native from Miles City, Dr. Reil was born and raised in a small farm and ranch community, Bloomfield MT.  She graduated from the University of Montana and at age 19 she won the title of Miss Montana America winning scholarships that helped put her through medical school. After earning her MD from the University of Washington, Dr. Reil completed her residency in Billings and practiced family medicine, obstetrics and gynecology for more than a decade delivering over 500 babies. A dedicated passion for women's health led Dr. Reil to develop and patent a non-surgical medical procedure for toning the pelvic floor called Genityte®.  Dr Reil practices full time aesthetic & laser medicine and has pioneered other procedures including the non-surgical face and neck lift called Triple Tone Treatment and the patent-pending NECK 360® treatment.

In 2008, Dr. Reil opened Shiloh Medical Clinic in Billings and later a second office in Bozeman. She has earned the high-credential of Master Injector for both Botox and Juvederm.  Dr Reil is a trainer for other physicians and specializes in dissolving filler and correction of the “over-filled” face.  For over 15 years her practice has been in the Top 1% of Montana and was named the BEST MEDICAL SPA IN MONTANA.   Additionally, Shiloh Medical Clinic has led the nation in Coolsculpting since 2011. Dr. Reil is a mother of two and enjoys spending time with her family in the outdoors trail riding on horseback, fly-fishing, hiking, camping in high mountains & snow skiing.  Dr. Reil loves Montana and horses!  She loves attending rodeos, PBR , NFR and equestrian activities of all kinds.  


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