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Woman's exposed holding a flower that represents her blossoming cliovana procedure
Woman's exposed holding a flower that represents her blossoming cliovana procedure

Better Sex For Women

This brand new procedure uses sound waves to improve women’s sexual function.

When it comes to overall physical and emotional wellbeing, satisfying sex is key at any age. But while the focus has been on male sexual issues, female sexual dysfunction and dissatisfaction is a thing too. Now, finally, there’s something that women can do about it.

Cliovana Can Help

Everything you want, and nothing you don’t. Cliovana is 100% non-invasive, with zero downtime. Cliovana was developed specifically with the clitoris in mind. Why is this important? Because it has the unique distinction of being the only organ in the body dedicated solely to pleasure, yet its importance has been historically overlooked. Enter Cliovana, a simple, non-invasive way to increase arousal levels, and orgasm frequency and intensity. There are no lasers, scalpels, or needles, which means no side effects and no down time.

Cliovana is sound wave treatment that increases clitoral responsiveness leading to:

  • Increased Arousal and Lubrication
  • Increased Orgasm Intensity and Frequency
  • Greater Overall Sexual Satisfaction

“Cliovana was a pain-free and extremely simple procedure. I immediately noticed an increase in sensitivity. Cliovana had a very real effect on my sexual satisfaction.”

Everything you want. None of what you don’t.

Graphic describing the following that are not used for cliovana: no probes, no burning, no neeled, no lasers, no surgery, and no freezing.

Better Sex = Better Everything

Recent global studies have linked women’s sexual health with their overall well-being. Turns out, a happy sex life affects everything from mental health, to relationship health, to health-health. So what are you waiting for?

50% of the Population. 30% of the Orgasms.

There’s a giant gap between what women want from sex, and what they get. In fact, recent studies show 60% of women aren’t satisfied with their sex lives, and that during male-female sexual encounters, while 75% of men orgasm every time, only 33% of women do. It’s time to close the gap, and Cliovana can help.

Who is this for? Every Woman, That’s Who.

There are many reasons why a woman might experience lessened feelings of arousal and sexual response. The great news is that Cliovana can help improve women’s sexual health and help them have stronger, more frequent orgasms.

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s a very important, yet often overlooked, part of our lives that is a big part of intimate relationships and self-esteem. About 60% of women say they are unsatisfied in the bedroom. They view it as a chore and only about 33% actually get that afterglow. Thankfully, new technology has come along to help women reignite their sex drive and keep the spark alive.

Physical changes such as decreasing desire, dryness and lackluster sensation are some of the most common barriers women complain of medically. These physical changes can happen naturally with menopause and aging, but also with overstimulation of the delicate nerve tissue from prolonged sitting and vigorous pelvic floor exercises like extended bike riding and horseback riding. Chemotherapy and radiation treatments also interfere with blood flow and nerve function with significantly affect sexual function.

Real patients are getting back intimacy that they thought was gone forever. The opportunity to restore sexual function without the risk of taking hormones is a breakthrough and the opportunity to improve sexual satisfaction at any age is a blessing for women. One patient story that inspired me a s a physician to become a Cliovana provider is of a woman who battled and miraculously survived Stage III breast cancer, chemotherapy, radiation and a full hysterectomy. For 10 years she grieved the nearly complete loss of her sexual drive. Lack of desire, dryness and discomfort made intimacy nearly impossible, until Cliovana. With Cliovana, her full sensation was restored as was lubrication and comfort, bringing her and her husband a second miracle, the return of their spark, connection and mutually satisfying intimacy.

Cliovana is a new technology that uses acoustic sound waves to regenerate nerve tissue and blood vessels needed for sensation and blood flow during intimacy. Using four treatments over two weeks, Cliovana uses gentle cupping to bring the blood vessels and vascularity to the surface. It also uses soundwaves to stimulate blood flow and innervation. One treatment takes about 10 minutes.

The entire procedure is gentle and done externally so it is not uncomfortable or painful. There’s no internal proving or heating. Patients describe the procedure as quick, painless and easy.

Within two weeks the treatment starts working. By the third or fourth treatment, patients report improvements and the average final result is three months after the final treatment. The results are long-lasting for years.

Cliovana is the ONLY treatment directly targeting the nerves and blood supply to the female sexual anatomy to improve lubrication, sensation and satisfaction for the woman.

Improved sexual health leads to overall health and wellbeing. We know that it can lower blood pressure, improve immune responses, lead to better sleep, less stress and reduced depression. It just floods the brain with good-feeling hormones.

Certain medications – female contraceptives, blood pressure-lowering medications and antidepressants – blunt the female response. Cliovana has been shown to help improve desire in women who take these medications.

Women who do not have enough lubrication, those in the perimenopausal and menopausal stages experience intimacy that is painful. Cliovana helps vaginal dryness without needing hormone replacement medication. Patients who have had breast cancer and those who have a family risk of hormone-driven cancer cannot use hormones to improve vaginal dryness, but now have Cliovana, a safe and effective solution. Cliovana is indicated for women from 22 years of age up to 75 years plus. Any woman who wishes to improve her sexual pleasure is a candidate for Cliovana.

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