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Montana's Premier
Medical and Aesthetic Clinic

Look natural, and feel great. Innovative solutions for aging.

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Montana's Premier
Medical and
Aesthetic Clinic

Look natural, and feel great.
Innovative solutions for aging.

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Celebrating 14+ years in Montana!

Shiloh Medical Clinic offers exclusive services performed by physicians. Our services include the latest medical solutions for urinary incontinence, sexual health, body sculpting, joint, muscle, arthritis pain, and face & neck toning. Dr. Julie Reil is an internationally recognized physician and educational speaker. She is a frequent contributor to Women’s Voice Magazine and has appeared on the popular show The Doctors, demonstrating her revolutionary Genityte procedure. Dr. Reil is also the innovator behind the popular Triple Tone Treatment for the face, neck, and chest. Call us today to schedule your consultation (406) 252-0022 and begin your journey back to wellness and regaining your confidence.

Over 10 years of expertise

The #1 non-surgical fat reduction treatment used by doctors. Freeze away your fat with the innovative cooling technology of the CoolSculpting system. Up to 20-25% fat reduction after just one treatment. CoolSculpting is the ideal way to target stubborn fat deposits resistant to diet and exercise. FDA-cleared to treat 9 different areas.
Relax and smooth wrinkles and expression lines with quick 10-minute treatments. Only BOTOX® Cosmetic is FDA-approved to temporarily improve the look of moderate to severe frown lines, crow’s feet, and forehead lines.
Smooth facial lines, restore age-related volume loss and enhance the natural contours of your face with our selection of dermal fillers, including the complete collection of Juvederm products.

We offer specialized laser and light therapies to treat concerns from head to toe. Our treatments improve cosmetic issues such as uneven skin tone, skin tightening, and skin discolorations. While our laser and light services for general dermatology can be used for pain relief, treating sun damage, hyperpigmentation, nail fungus, face and leg veins.

Dr. Julie Reil
Dr. Julie Reil is an internationally recognized physician, women’s health advocate, educational speaker, and an author for the Women’s Voice publication. She developed the Genityte urinary incontinence procedure, patented in the U.S., Canada, and Europe. She also created the patent-pending Triple Tone Treatment for the face, neck, and chest.
Dr. Julie Reil demonstrates for a female patient the equipment used for her treatment.

“Dr. Julie Reil is the best! She helped my skin be the best it could be for Miss America. And she is one of the kindest and most generous people I know! So blessed to work with Shiloh Medical Clinic! – Miss Montana 2014”

Victoria C.

“I love Dr. Julie! I completely trust her and never feel rushed or like she’s trying to upsell me! So great at all that she does!”

Brittany S.

“Dr. Reil is compassionate and caring. Her staff is the same. I’ve had cool sculpting done in several areas. Even though it takes a few months to see results, which she tells you before treatment starts, I am now wearing two pants sizes smaller.
If you do anything for yourself, do this. It’s a wonderful way to improve your spirits and self-esteem.”

Nancy O.

“I have to admit I have been to another place before I came to Julie unfortunately, I should have started with her, she is fantastic! Julie has the schooling behind her procedures she is meticulous, truly caring and lets you know what would be best for you. Love the whole crew there! I wouldn’t go anywhere else!”

Sallie P.

“Dr. Reil is great! She really takes the time to understand her patients needs and educate them on the treatment options and works to find a treatment that works within budget. Love her!”

Jessica B.

“I highly recommend Dr. Julie Reil. She never makes your appointment feel rushed and truly has a great eye for beauty and balance. I feel her solutions are unique to each patient instead of just taking the standard or popular approach that doesn’t necessarily look good on everyone — and absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE everyone on her team!”

Katherine K.

“Dr. Reil is very much in touch with her client’s desired outcomes, no matter the treatment you choose. Her staff is friendly and knowledgeable as well. I will continue to visit Shilo Medical Clinic in the future for all my needs.”

Janet Z.

“Dr. Reil is wonderful and very kind!!! Vicki and the rest of your staff are so helpful and really go out of their way to make you feel so welcome!”

Cynyhia E.

“I had the Genityte procedure done about ten years ago. It is the best thing I could have ever done. No leaks, no problem when exercising. Would definitely do it again and have recommended it to several of my friends.”

Peggy M.

“Always a great experience at Shiloh Medical clinic. The staff is very friendly and helpful. I always enjoy visiting with Dr. Reil. She is so knowledgeable. Highly recommend!”

Amy I.

“Have used Shiloh services for the past several years – most recently at their beautiful new Bozeman offices. Dr. Reil is professional and caring and the treatment results have been consistently terrific!”

Anthea G.

“I had BBL to remove age spots on my hands. My hands were covered with age spots. On my return visit, the few spots that had been stubborn were treated a no charge. It’s been several years and with the use of sunscreen, my hands look amazing. I am very happy with the treatment. The staff was informative and helpful.”

Karen J.

“Dr. Reil is an amazing doctor. The woman is so intelligent and the most kind and caring doctor that I have ever had. You can 100% trust her. The results do not disappoint.”

Jamie S.

“Over the last three months, I have received two FemiLift™ procedures for mild to moderate stress incontinence caused from childbirth and exacerbated by trail running. The procedure itself is short and pretty much pain-free. No real downtime. I felt a very mild burning sensation for about a day. This morning in order to give a really good assessment of how much improvement I’ve had, I drank two lattes and a glass of water, after a quick use of the bathroom went for a 2 1/2 mile trail run, jumping over small downed trees along the way. I did not have any real discernible leaking. I’d say I am 95% better than before. I am not yet sure of what my long-term maintenance will be. I am expecting to have one procedure again every 1-2 years. I would highly recommend this procedure to others. My results are quite remarkable!”


“I gave myself the FemiLift™ treatment as a birthday present, but it turned out to be an early birthday gift to my husband. Over the years, my stress incontinence had become spontaneous. I now have close to zero events, and I am no longer afraid to hold urine in my bladder. “

Women’s Voice Magazine Articles by Dr. Julie Reil
As an internationally recognized physician, innovator, and leader in the field of Laser and Aesthetic medicine, Dr. Reil has been featured in both The Doctors television show and in Women’s Voice publication. She specializes in non-surgical treatments, helping patients achieve a natural, younger look without Botox.
Dr. Julie Reil on the magazine cover for Women's Voice.
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