DIY CoolSculpting. Why CoolSculpting at Home Does Not Work

DIY CoolSculpting
DIY CoolSculpting

DIY CoolSculpting. Why CoolSculpting at Home Does Not Work

CoolSculpting is the #1 non-surgical body contouring treatment in the world. Men and women are saturating the internet with raving CoolSculpting reviews. Unfortunately, popularity often leads to imposters and cheap DIY hacks. In hopes of saving money on CoolSculpting, these hacks showcase people freezing their fat from home by exposing their skin to dry ice or icepacks.

Read on to learn about the safety concerns of DIY CoolSculpting and why CoolSculpting at home doesn’t work.

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How CoolSculpting Works

To understand why you can’t freeze your fat on your own, it is essential to understand how the legitimate fat freezing treatment works.

CoolSculpting works utilizing a scientific process known as Cryolipolysis, which stands for cold-induced fat cell death (“cryo” = cold + “lipo” = fat + “lysis” = cell death.) Summed up, CoolSculpting destroys fat cells through precise cooling temperatures.

CoolSculpting is the only FDA-cleared treatment that employs exact cooling temperatures to eliminate fat cells from the body for good.

There are several mechanisms on the CoolSculpting machine that make the fat freezing process safe and effective.

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Vacuum Mechanism

CoolSculpting applicators draw up tissue using a gentle sucking motion. Suction plays an essential role in the fat reduction process. It cannot be achieved when attempting CoolSculpting at home.

Fat cells are sensitive to cold temperatures. When an area of the body encounters cold temperatures, fat cells move away from the skin’s surface to protect themselves. The suction from a CoolSculpting applicator pulls the subcutaneous fat cells towards the surface of the skin. The applicator draws a bulge up and secures the tissue (with all the subcutaneous fat cells) inside the applicator. From there, the bulge is chilled from multiple angles. This provides deep penetration into the fat layer and signifies another aspect of the CoolSculpting treatment that cannot be obtained at home.

Precisely Controlled Cooling

Years of research led to the development and calibration of the CoolSculpting machine. This machine provides the essential cooling temperatures and times necessary to trigger apoptosis (cell death.) The lymphatic system then processes the destroyed cells as waste from the body.

Proprietary CoolSculpting Applicators

The CoolSculpting machine comes equipped with various applicators uniquely invented to mold to different parts of the body.  This exact fit can not occur with ice packs. The applicator’s tailored fit allows the CoolSculpting expert to contour the treatment area and outline musculature.

Safety Mechanisms

The CoolSculpting machine encompasses temperature gauges that continually monitor the skin’s temperature to ensure the safety and well-being of the patient. If a problem arises during the cooling process, the machine automatically turns off. In addition, a proprietary gel pad is placed under the applicator to protect the patient from frostbite.

Why CoolSculpting at Home Does not Work

Trying to freeze your own fat using Ice packs simply cannot chill the fat the way CoolSculpting can.

  • Ice packs cannot provide the precisely controlled cooling essential to establish apoptosis. Ice packs quickly lose their heat when placed against the body. To properly chill fat, the cold source must maintain the exact temperature with no interruption.
  • CoolSculpting at home does not provide the necessary suction to draw subcutaneous fat to the

to the surface.

  • Ice packs do not store the fat cells in the applicator in preparation for controlled cooling.
  • CoolSculpting at home using ice packs does not freeze your fat, yet it may freeze your skin. Frostbite is a risky venture with DIY CoolSculpting.

CoolSculpting a Slimmer You

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