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Beauty Treatments

Cosmetic Laser and Light Treatments


Treat red spots, brown spots and veins on the face, neck and chest with light treatments.

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I am thrilled with the results from the IPL/BBL (intense pulsed light/broad band light) laser treatment to remove brown spots from my face, hands and arms. It was completely painless. The spots got darker for about a week, then slowly disappeared. Fade creams never worked, but this treatment did!
— Mary, Age 62

After 20 rounds of chemo, my skin was so sensitive that when I washed my face with exfoliating wash, it broke tiny blood vessels on my cheeks and chin. I was devastated. Dr. Julie Reil treated the red lines with a YAG laser. I could feel it but it didn’t hurt. The results are amazing. No red lines at all. I am forever grateful. I am going to have her treat the spider veins on my legs next.
— Elizabeth, Age 57

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